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The Longest Journey lives on - Dreamfall Chapters announced

Romier S

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Thanks god the IP is alive and well. I'm psyched to get another entry in the series. Can we dump the shitty fighting engine in the next game though guys? You're a traditional point and click adventure game with one of the best stories around - act like it:).




“We will be researching an online-only continuation of the epic ‘Longest Journey’ saga, and we very much look forward to develop new chapters to the Dreamfall gaming community,” said Trond Arne Aas, CEO of Funcom. “To see the Norwegian government take such an active role in nurturing the local game development industry is impressive. In return for their trust we aim to deliver a modern adventure game with unique qualities.”


Through thrilling episodes, players will embark on an amazing and exciting journey through worlds both familiar and fresh to meet fascinating and surprising characters, explore beautiful locations, experience a deep and intriguing storyline, and enjoy uniquely varied modern adventure gameplay in a whole new way.


And at the end of the road waits the greatest mystery of them all – one that will bring the groundbreaking saga to a surprising and stunning conclusion.

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I became extremely bored with Dreamfall. I purchased it on XBL and have only put about 1-2hours into it but haven't visited it since downloading it about a month ago. The areas in which you traverse are too damn small, the world seems lifeless/boring, and frankly there just isn't much to do to keep me entertained. Sure the story, the music and most of the atmosphere are all there but I guess I need something more substantial when it comes to gameplay for my fix these days. I really want to see how the story unfolds but I doubt I'll ever play much if any of it ever again.

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The PC point and click style adventure genre is a love it or leave it affair. You either walk into it realizing that you're playing a game like Dreamfall for its story, writing, characters and atmosphere or you're going to dislike it. You're reaction isn't all together unsuprising. If you went in expecting substantial gameplay mechanics - you chose the wrong genre of game. I don't say that as a way to excuse the bad fighting mechanics built into Dreamfall. Nor do I say it as a way to give this particular genre a pass. However, it falls into the same category as old school shmups (shoot-em-ups) like R-Type or Graduis. You either understand and love it to death or you completely don't get the fascination.;)


I will say that playing Dreamfall for "an hour or two" doesn't really give the game world a chance to remotely breath. Zoe's hometown is indeed a small area but you end up exploring insane fantasy winterlands, swamps and a great variety of other environments. The technical side of the game may not be terribly strong - but the art direction is wonderful and almost worth the price of admission alone.

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I liked Dreamfall but, the combat system was pretty bad... I loved The Longest Journey though so I hope (as mentioned) that the online episodes take after TLJ moreso than Dreamfall (not that it was a bad game or anything, just not as good as TLJ) :)

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