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Whats your Favorite Discovery Channel Show


Favorite Discovery Channel Show...  

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  1. 1. Favorite Discovery Channel Show...

    • Deadliest Catch
    • Man vs Wild
    • Myth Busters
    • Dirty Jobs
    • Verminators
    • It takes a Thief
    • Shark Week
    • Going Tribal
    • Other

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I'm gonna put Mythbusters, as it's the one I've seen the most of, and I do enjoy it, but I'm really kind of undecided. I've just recently started watching Discovery more regularly and have seen a few episodes of Deadliest Catch which I think could like quite a bit, and here in Canada have Canada's Worst Handyman which is quite entertaining.

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Im surprised not many of you watch terminators... I have recently put it on Tivo, and me and the g/f have watched it..

From Bed Bugs to Bees.. To Roaches to Skunks they get rid of everything.. But to me the most interesting about the show is how they capture and kill Rats.


Deadliest Catch is an amazing show.. The camera Men risk there live just like the fishermen do.. All to catch Grabs and Make that big Payday..

For those of you that haven't seen the show..Buy season 1 on dvd before you do.. Alot of stuff happens, that might make you understand the show and what its all about.

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Out of that list I'd pick Dirty Jobs. I enjoy the humor the host brings to the show and most if not all of those jobs make me thankful for my own. Dealiest Catch was interesting the first time I saw it but then I got bored with it. Kind of has the American Chopper disease. Its the same thing every episode.

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