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Windows Explorer XP strange problem...


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Here's a challenging one for you techies...


If I want to copy files from one folder to another, If I don't use drag or drop, it bombs.


If I highlight all the items I want to copy, then use either CTRL-C or CTRL-X to copy/cut, and then CTRL-V in the target directory, it will copy/move the files but then immediately fail with a windows error, and then Windows explorer reloads itself.


If I do the same operation by dragging/dropping the files, it completes with no problems at all.


Anyone run into this before or have advice/suggestion to try?




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Sounds like a corrupt system file of some sort. I agree with Keith, start with a chkdsk / scandisk.


You might also want to run the System File Checker




But first, I always recommend a basic memory test. If you have corrupt files there should be a reason for it. In my case it was the crappy stock Intel fan that came loose and caused a few hard system hangs - corrupting some system files I think.


I've had a stick of Corsair RAM go just a tiny bit bad on me once that caused some weird system problems, too. Just one tiny spot on the RAM was corrupting random files.




Download the pre-compiled bootable ISO at the bottom of the page and boot from the CD when. Leave it running memtest for an hour or two or while you're sleeping. Good to check for memory / cache / etc problems.


Did you already do the standard spyware & virus scan etc?

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