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All-inclusive vacation ideas


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I'm planning a vacation for me & my girlfriend and thought I'd give the all-inclusive resort a shot. I've done a cruise and enjoyed it but she likes the idea of a stationary hotel.


Finding honest reviews of various all-inclusive resorts is proving to be a pain the ass. Google search after search turn up endless commercial sites or sales sites disguised as real travel blogs.


I'm leaning toward a Mexican all-inclusive as they seem to be generally less expensive than their Caribbean counterparts but I'm open to anything. I'm curious what, if any, experiences you guys have had?


I'd like a place near a town that is fun but not overly touristy. Not far from activities (I like the idea of visiting Mayan ruins in Mexico), good bars (duh!) and food.


Where have you stayed? What have you liked/disliked? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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We did the whole inclusive thing at Cancun. We were happy with the hotel, happy with the bar, unhappy with the food quality for their main meals, from what I can remember. Melia Turquesa, I think was the name.


As you say, it's really hard to find good info on a lot of these hotels.

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My wife and I and our friends have gone to Cancun for 6 straight years.

5 Of the times we have gone to Temptations Resort:



It all depends what you are looking to get out of a vacation. We like to go and drink and have no holds barred fun. The motto of this resort is "No one knows you and no one gives a fuck".:)

Both of these hotels are adult only.

It is extremely inexpensive. We had 7 days/6 nights with airfare all inclusive for $3000 a couple.


The Good:

Women can go topless- Now my wife and our friends enjoy this luxury, but its not for everyone.

They have two pools. One is the "quiet" pool for people less apt to go topless and that might be offended by the sexual overtones of the contests that they have.

Keep in mind, no one here is having sex in public, it is just good natured fun in the sun.

The food:

Its adequate- The breakfasts are a pretty huge spread with a nice selection. The lunches are mediocre at best. We usually just snack because the drinks start to flow at 10:00 a.m.

Dinners: If you do the buffet they are adequate but they also have several restaurants on the premises that you have to make reservations for(at no extra cost) that are great.

Accomadations: I think for the price you pay they are above average. I really don't put much stock in the room because you dont spend alot of time in there, all I care about is cleanliness, which is not a problem

The staff is extremely friendly and the entertainment staff are hilarious.

Also, the night clubs are always a short cab ride away(our favorite is Daddy Rock)

After the clubs when you get back to the resort they have an all night hamburger and french fry place at the resort. Hits the spot at 4:00 a.m.


The bad:

The beach- Not very extensive and not much of a surf. It is clean but it is not one of the best beaches. We have no problem with that because all the fun is around the pool.

We will probably go to this resort every year for the rest of our lives. It is pure fun

Misc- You pretty much have two choices if you watch tv there. Soccer or hard core porn.:rock


We skipped one year here and tried the Golden Parnassus:



We enjoyed our stay here. It was fun, just not as much fun. Just a little more reserved here.

They did have a nicer beach and surf though.


We love Mexico. We walk the streets and always feel safe.


If you have anymore specific questions let me know.

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we recently did an all-inclusive at the Vallarta Palace. it was fantastic, it was with the inlaws so it was a bit more than we would have spent by ourselves.


we did an all-inclusive at sandals ocho rios which was fantastic as well.


looking at expedia or even going to a travel agent might be a good starting point, just to give you an idea of prices in areas. then you can narrow down your search and try to find the best deal possible at a given resort.

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Last year I got married at the Bahia Principe in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The resort was great, and for the most part the restaurants for dinners were good as well, the Italian and French restaurants were particularly good from what I remember. The buffet was good as well. We were upgraded at the resort, which meant access to a different pool that was less crowded and more a la carte meals.


Tripadvisor.com is a good site to use once you have it narrowed down to a few resorts, or even just sort it for the top rated and you are likely to get some good locations.


The last recommendation I would make, is whether you are going to book with a travel agent or not, talk to one. They travel to these places all the time and the good ones make a point of visiting as many resorts as they can so that they can give you a personalized recommendation. We went into talk to one agent thinking we were going to go to one resort and they were able to point us in a far better direction.

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Tripadvisor.com is a good site to use once you have it narrowed down to a few resorts, or even just sort it for the top rated and you are likely to get some good locations.


Exactly what I was going to say! We honeymooned at Adventura Spa Palace which is exactly located where you are describing you's like to stay. It was vary nice and we enjoyed it alot.


They had a number of choices for dining, some very good some so-so, but nothing bad. The breakfast buffet by the ocean was by favorite. They also had a wonderful Mexican themed restaurant.


The place is very large with many places to swim. The also have a saltwater lagoon for beach and water activities.


Honestly, I could on, but I'd be rehashing the info on the TripAdvisor.com forums. If your willing to wade through the forums, as you narrow the resorts down you'll find a lot of accurate info that should help you target a good resort.

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