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Dracula: Origin

Mark E

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This has been out for a week or two now and I just started in on it as a change of pace before I tuck back into GTA4 or what have ye.


It's from Frogwares, who've done a long string of Sherlock Holmes games for a while now, but are taking a shift to a new public domain property, Dracula. The graphics are quite nice and the interface is clean and crisp.


You play as Van Helsing, trying to track Dracula across London. I haven't gotten a feel for all the puzzles yet, but the one I have done was so bloody good that even though very few of us still play adventure games, I felt it worth mentioning.


I won't give too much away, but it was a map puzzle based around using several research articles and half the battle was working out the pattern and then integrating the information. It's hard to explain without giving the whole thing away, but it was one of the best AG puzzles I've seen in a while.


Anyway. Supposedly clocking in around six hours of play, it's available for a very reasonable $20. I got mine from the Adventure Shop, which is a straight download service, if anybody just gotta have it. Clearly I fall into that category :P.



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Done! Definitely a budget title just due to the length, clock in around 6-8 hours, say. Eh... maybe closer to 8-10. The storyline is a bit thin, but what there is is quite good. Van Helsing is an interesting protagonist and Dracula here is well done.


Some corking good puzzles, some corking hard ones with sloppy design. Some I was damned amazed I figured out (one featuring a protected book I still dunno how I did it). Only one major bug that could make one puzzle unsolvable, but otherwise a great experience and worth the $20.

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