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NCAA Football 09 (PS3, 360, Wii)

Anthony G

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I did a search and didn't see a thread for this:




* All-New Break Away Engine - The most dynamic football animation system ever lets you take complete control of the game like never before. Break in and out of jukes, stiff arms, spins, and more in a swift, fluid motion, or use the analog stick to steer a player in any direction mid-move.

* Authentic College Football Gameplay - With huge cut-back lanes, arm tackles, over-pursuing defenders, and downfield pump fakes, never before has the college game felt more wide-open. Bring a new level of strategy to your game and keep your opponents guessing with new playcall bluffs and formation-specific audibles, allowing you to quickly check off to a secret play at the line of scrimmage.

* All-New Online Dynasty Mode - Build a collegiate powerhouse online and invite up to 11 players across the country. With the same ease and flexibility of managing a fantasy football league, recruit, schedule, and play for up to 60 seasons.

* Build the Ultimate Fan Base - Shape your program into a perennial powerhouse and watch your team's prestige rating increase after every winning season. With Dynamic Attendance, fans hungry for a championship flock to the stadium and even travel with you on the road into the most hostile environments. String together consecutive losing seasons and your faithful won't hesitate to jump ship as your rating decreases in defeat.

* The Electricity of College Game Day - Experience the pageantry of college football Saturdays as cheerleaders bring the sidelines to life with aerial stunts, celebrating every momentum-swinging moment. Take the party to the next level by celebrating touchdowns with your school mascots after a big score.

* Home Field Advantage - Maintaining your composure is key as less experienced players are prone to making bad decisions in hostile environments. Signal callers can re-gain composure by acing the Quarterback Quiz mid-game. Defensive players can also call a timeout with the new Ice the Kicker feature just seconds before an opponent attempts a game-winning kick.


More info here. Releases on July 15. I skipped last year so I'll be grabbing it this year. Who else is picking it up?

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It always tides me over until Madden, probably a rental though as the last couple of years I have completely stopped playing once Madden arrives. The one exception would be if the online dynasty really keeps my interest as a Live buddy and I are planning on starting one up.


Still, look forward to it, especially since some of last gen features I really liked have returned such as HFA.

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According to Nelson the demo is up today.


Content: NCAA Football 09 Demo

Price: Free

Availability: Canada and United States

Dash Text: [ESRB: E (Everyone)] Powered behind groundbreaking gameplay controls and unique college-style animations, NCAA Football 09 arrives on campus with all the excitement and pageantry of a storied college bowl game. Develop a loyal fan base with adrenaline-pumping home field atmosphere and see if you can run the table in the all-new online Dynasty mode or utilize the all-new Quick Call Recruiting system to lock down five-star recruits. With authentic collegiate gameplay and hundreds of school specific playbooks, college Saturdays jump to life like never before with NCAA Football 09.

Size: 1.44 GB

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All over this one. I'll be happy to run the online dynasty for LCVG -- and offer prizes!


Oh, and I apologize, but I will be using Georgia. It's only happenstance that my alma mater is the top-rated team in the game.


Sweet! I call Ohio State. Which system?

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Madden better have the video feature.


TD reception. What makes this video is the Leprechaun breakdancing in the background.




NCAA had this feature last year and it was not included in Madden then. I am pretty sure it is not included this year either as I think they consider it one of those features that seperates the two titles.


But yeah, I agree. It is a great feature. OS has a thread dedicated to it, some of the clips people have posted are real good.

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How's everybody enjoying this game? First time in years I haven't gotten this game on release date.


I skipped last years so I was happy to get it this year. I really enjoy it. I can easily play 3-4 games in a row. I love the controls, the graphics the sound.

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