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Fuglier, Cassell or Gasol?


Fuglier, Cassell or Gasol?  

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  1. 1. Fuglier, Cassell or Gasol?

    • Sam I am from Mars (Sam Cassell)
    • Lama, Lama Gasol (Paul Gasol)

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As discussed in the NBA Finals thread,... who should get the vote for MFP (Most Fugly Player) of this years Finals?


Sam Cassell?



Paul Gasol?







Dalai Llama?




Evidence to the contrary,...


Chicks will be seen with Sam Cassell in public.



Paul Gasol once merely looked like a freakish man-child hybrid.



My vote goes for Gasol by deafult,... simply because I couldn't find a picture of him with any hotties.

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As I said in the Celtics vs. Lakers thread, Sam Cassell is my all-time MFP.


My first-team MFP:


1) Sam Cassell - His nickname should be Area 52.


2) Pau Gasol - You don't mess with the Zohan!


3) Andrei Kirilenko - Ivan Drago meets the Joker


4) Chris Kaman - On the positive side, he finally cut that "Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs" mess of hair (on the negative side, there is nothing covering his face anymore).


5) Mike Bibby - I think he's half albino, half ghoul.

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...and Adam Morrison as your 6th man?


Naw, it was close but Hedo "The Dangers of Inbreeding" Turkoglu just barely missed the first team so he's gotta be my sixth man. I don't think there's anything wrong with Adam Morrison except that he's a NBA player in 2008 and not a porn actor in 1975.


Two now-retired players I would put above Pau "You Don't Mess with the Zohan!" Gasol but just slightly below Sam "Admiral Ackbar" Cassell:


1) Georghe Muresan - There's a reason why human beings shouldn't be 7'7". He made Andre the Giant look normal.


2) Bryant Reeves aka Big Country - As if being a 7 foot, 300 lb. redneck with a state trooper flat-top wasn't bad enough, the back of his head looked like it was infected by big nodules of puss.

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