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I downloaded Firefox 3, I like the new back/forward buttons and some of the other little changes. I'm really liking it.


Especially since I don't like the IE7 setup with the refresh/stop buttons way over on the right at the end of the address bar.


EDIT: startup time is improved too. I like!

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I found out one of the AVG Link Scanners can crash Firefox or cause it to hang easily.


For some reason Photoshop Elements on my machine would crash it also. was odd. If i deleted some file Elements created it would work fine. Otherwise something conflicted

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Continuing from our hijack of Dimness's thread...


Thoughts on the new Firefox 3?


I LOVE the new address bar, nicknamed the "the awesome bar". Great search feature. And much more useful. I was sick of my mistyped addresses always coming up on top.


The zooming whole page thing could be handy (ctrl + scrollwheel). My PC runs at 1920x1200 and some pages can look really small at that rez.


The new big fat back and forward icon setup is good.


The History menu seems different somehow, but I didn't use the last Firefox much, so I can't put my finger on it.


The "most visited" button at the top left is very cool too. Even though normally I just type the website I want to go to in the address bar.


The new "would you like to save this password" prompt comes up in a horizontal, unobtrusive stripe on the top of the screen. Great! Much better than a stupid pop-up window prompt you have to answer yes, no or whatever to.



Starting up the browser and bringing up new windows (ctrl+n) is SUPER fast. I think even faster than IE7. I'm very satisfied.


I think I am going to be using this for my main browser instead of my secondary browser. For once.


The one problem I have is in one of the menus and probably caused by my 3rd party windows theme. The "Check Now" button under "Advanced" is being clipped on the righthand side (see pic).



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I find it is sometimes starting up much slower for me. Other than that, it's good so far...the password management works nicely. Nothing else useful that I've noticed so far...I don't think I need to tag my bookmarks & I'm not sure what use the "awesome bar" is either.

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Anyone have a comparison to Safari on the Mac? I just switched to Safari, wondering if one more step would be an improvement or not.


I've been using Safari since I bought my MacBook four months ago, and have become very fond of it. The jury's still out on whether or not Firefox 3 will supplant it as my preferred browser, but it's certainly giving Apple's Internet portal a run for its money. I'll have to play around with it some more before coming to any final decisions.


That said, you have a Mac. You also have an Internet connection. The download is completely free. Why not try it out yourself? :)

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I got it a couple days ago, and it's fine. There's really nothing new that's a must have, and except for a few little changes here and there. Hopefully it'll freeze up a little less, although my main freezing/crashing problems have been with Flash and MSN Messenger not playing well, and I got that fixed (kinda) just before upgrading.


The biggest problem is that two of my favorite add-ons haven't been upgraded for FF3 yet, but I figured out how to move the tabs bar to the bottom and I can live without the rest they offered me for now.

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I found a chink in Firefox's armor this evening. It appears as though the Quicktime plug-in for Firefox is not working right. Anytime I try and access a video file that's embedded in a website, it get a funny, jittery image. It's hard to describe, but imagine that every other frame, the video disappears and reveals the text or image in the window behind the video. It sort of looks like that.


YouTube and any site with flash videos appear unaffected. However, any other site (particularly the movie trailers site at Apple.com) are particularly bad. Obviously, I have no issues with this in Safari. Unless a fix for this arrives soon, I may switch back.

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