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Bathroom requried in the workplace? Running water?

Kyle M.

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Lets start this thread assuming no one is a lawyer. I tried searching a few different things before posting this. I'm in Texas. In a non-food industry job, is an employer legally required to provide a restroom to its employee's? What about running water to wash their hands (especially when handling cash and used goods)? If so, and we have just been denied access to such things, who should I call? Right now we're being told to just close down and drive anywhere else (at our expense) if we need to use the facilities.

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Found this via Department of Labor/OSHA: http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/get-cfr.cgi?TITLE=29&PART=1910&SECTION=141&TYPE=TEXT


(B) Water supply--(1) Potable water. (i) Potable water shall be

provided in all places of employment, for drinking, washing of the

person, cooking, washing of foods, washing of cooking or eating

utensils, washing of food preparation or processing premises, and

personal service rooms.

© Toilet facilities--(1) General. (i) Except as otherwise

indicated in this paragraph ©(1)(i), toilet facilities, in toilet

rooms separate for each sex, shall be provided in all places of

employment in accordance with table J-1 of this section. The number of

facilities to be provided for each sex shall be based on the number of

employees of that sex for whom the facilities are furnished. Where

toilet rooms will be occupied by no more than one person at a time, can

be locked from the inside, and contain at least one water closet,

separate toilet rooms for each sex need not be provided. Where such

single-occupancy rooms have more than one toilet facility, only one such

facility in each toilet room shall be counted for the purpose of table



(ii) The requirements of paragraph ©(1)(i) of this section do not

apply to mobile crews or to normally unattended work locations so long

as employees working at these locations have transportation immediately

available to nearby toilet facilities which meet the other requirements

of this subparagraph.

See also: http://www.osha.gov/pls/oshaweb/owadisp.show_document?p_table=INTERPRETATIONS&p_id=22932


OSHA's website has information on filing a complaint: http://www.osha.gov/as/opa/worker/index.html

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I know in My Store we have 2 bathrooms for employees... The thing that sucks is its in my stockrooms... Customers ask to use the bathroom all the time and our owner tells Us we have to permit them to use it even if its not a public room... My problem is over 100 people last week asked to use it.. So that took a good 2 hours out of my time bring them there and waiting for them to come out of it..


Nice find Ryan.. I would die (so would dean) if my work place had no bathroom... Where would I play my Games on DS or iphone?


Hopefully everything turns out ok Evil.

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Even if your employer relents and allows you all the luxury of a sink and a toilet, that sure doesn't sound like a great place to work. Might be time to update the old resume and start looking around for a way out of that place!
I was thinking something similar. Texas is a ball-breaker state though - most of their laws are squarely on the side of the employer.
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Indeed, the joys of "At Will" employment combined with many, many laws favouring the employer as you say.
Indeed. My cousin's got a raw deal at his job (in Houston). He basically can't leave his desk except for lunch. Any time he leaves, to use the bathroom even, gets logged and can lead to marks on his record. It's a call center and it's hellish.
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