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Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm

Anthony G

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TeamXbox Review 6.2/10. User review is a 7.8.


But unfortunately, despite all of the developer’s and publisher’s (Liquid Dragon and Greenwave, respectively) best intentions, the game is technically a mess. Filled with bad framerates, interminable load times and outright glitches, the experience ends up being a frustrating one, even for those who appreciate the kind of game it is. Like me.


There’s plenty of good stuff to call Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm out on. Just the overall approach to the game; the intent to make it a relatively hardcore simulation of what it’s like to not just drive a big fishing boat, but to also manage it as an enterprise makes it appealing to a certain class of gamer. There’s a fairly deep strategy game underlying Deadliest Catch too, one where you must manage your time well, hire good crewmembers, keep them happy, keep your boat running and generally fish your ass off to come in with the biggest haul at the end of each season. To that end, Deadliest Catch does a pretty decent job, giving you fairly easy menus to deal with when you’re in port, and quick ways to access information.



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I'm picking this up as I told you guys last night.... I'm a really big fan of the show.. I'll let you guys know how it is.. Amazon shipped it out to me last night...So it should be arriving today... There's a video around somewhere.. With the Crew of the northwestern talking about there idea to create a game based on the deadliest job on earth.. When I find it after work i'll post it on up.

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