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Carradine is at it again


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Ok, the old man needs to either get some acting lessons and do other types of roles, or just give it up.

He can't get out of the pigeon hole that has been his career.

Crane, instead of Caine?

Kungfu Killer instead of Kung Fu?

Come on DAVE!!!


I enjoyed his performance in Kill Bill and I actually am not a fan of the two films (or volumes).

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Don't get me wrong, I'm down with the whole Kung Fu flick thing too, and I loved the original series and the Legend Continues series, and his role in the Kill Bill movies, but this is just too much of a play on the same Kung Fu character for me.

Besides, at his age, I seriously doubt there'll be any significant action scenes with it actually being HIM anymore!

Stunt doubles and face/head replacement for sure.

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