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Hockey Fans- Nhl Wrong??


NHL wrong in Their Actions?  

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  1. 1. NHL wrong in Their Actions?

    • The NHL is Stupid-Nothing should happen.
    • Suspend Rangers for a Season
    • Take the Team away from The Owners
    • Has the NHL Lost There Minds!!!!

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The league only exists because of the teams, without the teams the league has nothing to manage, it's the 30 owners that have the true power. If the Rags management is smart they get more teams to side with them though before taking on the league, that said though, no way the NHL suspends an original 6 team, no way.

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The contracts that each team signs and adheres to exist for a reason. The other teams seem to function in these contracts, so I honestly see no reason why the Rangers cannot as well.


Each league controls their 'brand', NHL should get to if they want to as well.

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Reasons the rangers want to keep control or at least part... Is because The Rangers stream there practices live and have some shows live on there.. To my knowledge not one other team streams there practices.. The rangers want there site to be fan friendly and not the same ole boring thing.

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Then they should negotiate that separately with the NHL, and work with the league so they can provide the content they want to provide while complying with their pre-existing contracts. Working with the league and being the same old boring thing don't have to go hand in hand.


Don't get me wrong, I absolutely hate Gary Bettman and everything he stands for. I'll never be a complete defender of the league, especially since I'm convinced he is going to run it into the ground some day.

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