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Why VGChartz Is Unreliable...


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We've had discussions about VGChartz.com before. GameSetWatch, part of the GamaSutra network, have a great article up about what VGChartz brings to the industry, how it calculates its numbers, the holes in its estimations, and just as importantly, the downside to those holes.


It's a great read.


There's a place for a resource like VGChartz, but it'd be a site that clearly labels the source of its estimates (whether it be Chart-Track, NPD, Media Create - even if some of those sources have poor data dissemination and a fractious relationship with the media) and then labels which are its own estimates based on its own industry knowledge and whatever channel checks it has.


But if I was a writer or analyst trying to extrapolate significant information from the resource, especially regarding those titles which don't chart regularly, given the major discrepancies with other figures shown here, I would not recommend it.

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Saw that article a little while ago. I have mentioned before that VGchartz weekly software numbers are always off compared to the NPD numbers. Sometimes by a large margin like Iron man. There hardware is usually pretty close though for some reason. After the release of monthly NPD's, and other official numbers come out they usually adjust their back numbers which the article mentions. Even if they don't admit to it, people post to their site even realize it

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