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New Official Nvidia Driver Release - 175.19 6/23

Romier S

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I love my Mac but all this PC building and Driver update talk is almost making me want to build a PC. Shit....


Same. I love my mac for everything, but just not gaming. I really missed playing a few PC only MMO's at higher settings, and wanted to play Company of Heroes, Sam and Max, Mass Effect PC, and a few other games. Really happy I built the new machine,and hooked it to my LCD. Everything looks Fantastic

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AoC was already playing pretty well but, in some of the big cities like Tarantia it would dip into the low 20's so a boost to graphics performance would be much appreciated :)



Try opening Windows Media Player (just open it, don't need to play anything) and then running AoC. You can expect anywhere from 20% to 60% increase in performance.


Yes, I'm serious :)

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Open the Control Panel and select the remove program option (since you're using Vista). If I remember correctly the file is named Nvidia Uninstaller and if it's not that it's something very similar.


The unistall utility does a fantastic job of cleaning your system of any traces of an Nvidia driver, so there's no need to use driver cleaner or other such 3rd party applications.

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