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Still Life 2! Teaser Video

Romier S

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So Still Life was a fun little adventure game with some terrible obscure puzzles (baking cookies anyone?) but a very cool Se7en-ish storyline. The problem is that by the time you reached the end of the game there was NO RESOLUTION to what happened. Frustrating. Thankfully, it looks like part 2 is incoming!




I'm excited to see a sequel coming as I did enjoy the first one quite a bit. I'll have to replay it soon.

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Much the same, Dave. I really liked what Still Life did for much of its playtime, even with puzzles from hell. The cookie puzzle lives in infamy next to the motorcycle rental from Gabriel Knight 3, I think. At any rate, a new case that still promises to wrap up the old one's dangling plot line, so I'm excited there.


It's pretty neat that they're renvisioning the whole concept as a separate case each game, as I could really get into an ongoing series like that that doesn't pigeonhole itself with a recurring villain.


And, as an aside, I've heard numerous people say that there's actually a very decipherable mathematical/coded solution to the cookie puzzle if you look at it right, which almost tempts me to try it again and see if I can find it.



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Another teaser.




The game page has been update at Microids site with screens and videos.




No pre-rendered backdrops this time. The game is coming in full 3D. Also the description notes that they'll finally be revealing the true ending to the original game. I'll have to play through that again a bit before the second game releases in April.:tu


Oh and ACTUAL gameplay engine trailer:




Nice to have the sequel to this finally coming out.

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UGH. Already annoyed. You can tell this game had almost no budget. There is literally no way to change the resolution in this game. You are stuck playing at 1024x768. I've searched the official forums and all over the web and there is simply no way to adjust the resolution. If you look in the read me they even state: "The game is meant to be played at 1024x768" as if its some kind of consolation. I'm far from a graphics whore but what the hell is this, 1999?:banghead It wouldn't be all that bad if the thing looked good but well - thus far it doesn't.


I can't even comment on the game as I haven't gotten far into enough to say how the story is looking. The voice acting seems to be decent and it picks up right after the original game so despite my annoyance at the visuals (some of the character models are truly atrocious, did I mention that?) I want to play on and hope that there is a great story hidden underneath the total lack of polish/effort on display right from the get-go. I can deal with a crap presentation if there's some real substance underneath afterall..


*crossing my fingers*

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I'm stuggling to continue with this game. There are bright points in the game where some of what I enjoyed about Still Life shines through. Vic Mcpherson is still a strong character and when the story is focused on her investigation, the puzzles work pretty well and there's a good amount of intrigue to the proceedings.


On the flip side of the coin is the secondary playable character. She is a reporter who is kidnapped and held hostage by the East Coast Killer. Her side of the game focuses on her attempts to escape his clutches. Let me state that there's nothing wrong with presenting this two character narrative approach. Still Life did it pretty well afterall. However, unlike the first game where Gustav was actually an interesting character (thanks, in part to Post Mortem) - Paloma is dull as hell from a story perspective.


It also doesn't help that the voice acting takes a major nose dive when her side of the story is introduced. The killer wears a gas mask and has probably the worst voice over I've heard in a videogame since Kingdom Under Fire on the original Xbox. I am not at all exaggerating when I say that the guy sounds like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs! Do you know how difficult it is to take any of this seriously? Whenever the main antagonist speaks thoughts of "LONESTAR!!" come rushing through my head.:banghead:banghead


From a gameplay perspective there isn't much improved to speak of. The 3D visuals have already been covered and they interface makes it easy to spot items that need to checked so that's definitely a minor improvement. On the other hand, whomever made the boneheaded decision to implement a hybrid Diablo/Resident Evil style inventory system should be shot. You literally have to drop/store items to be able to pick up others that fit into the designated amount of grids available. This leads to useless backtracking for the sake of padding gameplay time. (and even then I've read the game is only 5-6 hours long anyway).


Thus far, I can't feel anything but disappointed. Still Life wasn't high art or the epitome of the point and click genre but it presented believable characters, enjoyable writing and a strong (incomplete) narrative that was able to overcome any gameplay flaws presented. It deserved far better than this half baked sequel.:td

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