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What's the best way to buy/sell a car these days?

General Zot

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Since we moved out to the country, I need to trade in (or sell) the car and get a truck. What's the best way to buy and or sell a car/truck these days? I see eBay can buy/sell cars, online forums, etc. Does this work better than old fashioned newspaper ads, or is trade in the way to go (for ease of having the sale and purchase in the same transaction?)


Our last car was bought new via Costco program and old car went to family member, so it's been a good decade since I've really shopped around. Any advice is appreciated...



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I'm going to be buying a car soon too, almost certainly second hand. Probably just going to do carmax or something - I'm happy to overpay a little for a solid warranty/service etc.


Heh, I went the opposite route and bought my car at an auction. I went with my brother-in-law who buys and sells cars all the time at this auction place. It was risky, since you can't drive the cars (you can start them, and kick the tires). I ended up with a '92 corolla with 87,000 miles for $1k. I've had it since last Oct. and it runs great.

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