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Harmonix's next game is...


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I have no idea.


But - on Monday,July 7th - I'll find out :)

Leslie & I have been selected to do some playtesting by Harmonix for an "upcoming game we are working on". I know that they are doing two weeks of playtesting - and that they are doing both solo & band testing.


We will have 2 other people to make up a band & a friend of ours will be doing some single playtesting. I'm pretty sure that we'll have to sign some kind of NDA - but if the rumors are true about it possibly being Rock Band 2,then that would be cool!!!


I asked about using other instruments,because I prefer using the GH II X-Plorer, and she said they use them,but they are also looking for feedback on "other instruments" :) (and she did add the smiley face in the email).


I'll gladly talk about what I can when I'm allowed to (I'd think about E3 time).Regardless as to what we end up doing,this is a REALLY FREAKIN' COOL opportunity and I'm looking forward to it.


Update when I can.... :rock :rock :rock :rock :rock

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Suggestions to give them assuming it's Rock Band 2:


Party mode: For when you get a group of people that aren't so great at the game (or have never played) and you don't want to worry about failing out.


Multiplayer Setlists: Choose a number of songs to play continuously in multiplayer and online so you don't have to go back and choose a new song after every one. Also great for the albums


Favorites: Allow us to filter the list of songs more so we can find and play our favorite songs quicker and easier.


Song Sorting: Make it like the store cause that's great.

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My money is that you guys will be playing Rock Band 2. ;)


I figured as such - and now with today's news I'm 100% positive that's what we'll be doing.:rock:rock:rock



More news to come - maybe I'll get to try some of the new songs (crossing fingers!)

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Well,Harmonix's next game is Rock Band 2,and I would have playtested it this upcoming Monday.But because someone earlier playtester broke their NDA - my session got canceled.


I can't begin to tell you all how disappointed I am right now...:(:(:(

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