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WTB: Warcraft III (PC)


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$24.99 at Frys


World of Warcraft Battlechest


For Windows

FRYS.com #: 5019605

# World of Warcraft Battlechest Contents: World of Warcraft base sku

# Burning Crusade expansion pack

# Official Battle Chest strategy guides: one for Burning Crusade and one for World of Warcraft

# Game manuals

# WOW guest pass (14-day trial)

# Blizzard catalog


Limit 1 per Household.

(when purchased between 07/04/2008 and 07/08/2008)

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Isn't it amazing how the value of Blizzard's PC games manages to stay so high? And the sales remain so consistent too. When I worked at EB we sold tons of Starcraft and Diablo Battlechests (and Counterstrike retail) when most games released years after them had come and gone.

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