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High Pitch coming from External Hard Drive


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So, my OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro RAID 0 came in today, and while the thing looks cool as hell, there's a very annoying high pitch noise that comes from the drives when they are spinning. I know this because when I eject the drives, they stop spinning, the fan continues, and the noise stops.


It's not very loud at all, almost sounds like it's on the verge of being so high that it's inaudible, but it's certainly annoying. I actually walked away from it feeling I was getting a headache.


I've sent a trouble ticket in to OWC, but im posting this to ask, is this common? I've not had many external drives.

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I didnt update this but here's what happened:


I sent back the hard drive and received a new one. This time, neither of the FW800 ports worked on the drive but USB 2.0 worked fine. So, I sent this one back and decided I would not be buying anything else from OWC.


I think it worked out for the better because the Drobo 2.0 was announced and that's what I plan on getting as soon as Amazon gets them in stock.

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