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Anyone else have a google apps account? It is a terribly confusing piece of branding, but it is the name of a moderately new (2007?) google service. It is different than a normal google account one might have for Gmail.


Anyway, the reason I got the account was so I could park my domain there and use gmail as my mail technology, but keep my email domain. So I use gmail, but my address isn't kfredericks@gmail.com it is kfredericks@mydomain.com.


For me this is cool because I use google calendar and google docs so it makes sense to consolidate my email, calendar, and docs while keepipng my nifty personalized domain.


Anyone else do this? Just curious. I'd like to see what people think, if they have any problems. For example, it annoys me that google maps isn't part of the package, or that things like google toobar don't work with it.

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