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7/7/8 Halo Cold Storage


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actually later does work better for me too, due to being on MST. I was trying to be festive and it didn't work too well. Why don't we shoot for around 10PM EST and see if we can get more than Zyzomys and Screwnut to join in the fun.


Dave, I'll probably be on late night tonight as well.

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I had to bail suddenly too, but that's because I didn't care for spending more time in the lobby than actually playing the game. :(


Yeah that was my fault. I had to use the can and when I made it back to my seat, my headset stopped working and there was no way to communicate with you guys. Also, and I STRESS this for the next time (if there ever is a next time) that the room be set up as an invite only. Otherwise you have my smartass friends just joining up with us like they did last night and stinking up the joint. Last night was suppose to be cold storage and in the beginning it was good. But afterwords it turned into a UN meeting. Also Weremicheal making me head leader didn't help either. Cause whenever i went to pick a map or mode, people would begin to bitch about the mod or the map.


I finally just made Micheal the captain again and after we went online (you guys were gone by then) into big team battle or something...I just turned off my xbox and decided to chat with a friend on MSN.


It was fun in the beginning yes. But I'm enjoying bad company so much more. Why? Cause I can actually move up in rank and not die ever 30 seconds! :D

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