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LCVG NCAA Football 09 Online Dynasty -- Get Details and Sign Up Here!

Brandon H

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Okay, I'm opening sign-ups for the online dynasty. Play will commence the week of August 4. If you're interested, post in this thread with the name of the school which will represent you.


I don't know all details yet as I don't have a full understanding of how the online dynasties work. However, I can say this --


-- I will not rearrange conferences, etc. so everyone is in the same conference and all games are human v. human. I know that might make it a bit unbalanced as, depending on the popularity of the conference, some people might have to play more games against human opponents, while others face more CPU competition. But this is all for fun, and it just seems goofy to put Georgia, Penn State and Texas A&M in the same conference, for example.


-- That said, schedules will be rearranged to provide everyone with a least a few high-profile, mano y mano out-of-conference matchups. If your team opens with a cupcake 1-AA team, expect to see that game replaced with a LCVG opponent.


-- All games will be ranked games using default EA online rules at All-American difficulty.


-- We will use the 360 version of the game.



-- Top-ranked, human-controlled recruiting class at end of season 1 -- $25 Best Buy gift card

-- Heisman Trophy winner, Season 1-- $25 Best Buy gift card

-- Top-ranked human-controlled team at end of season 1 -- $75 Best Buy gift card and "Outback Bowl" bid ($25 Outback Steakhouse gift card)


We'll evaluate longer-term prizes if the dynasty proves to have staying power for multiple seasons.


Let the games begin!

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I am in. Syracuse Orangemen for me. No laughing please. I will play at least one OOC game against another LCVG opponent. Anything more than that right now might be tough to match up with my schedule. I would like to start the dynasty sooner though. Normally, I will play a couple of games to get a feel for it and than I jump right in. What does everyone else think?

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Ok, the dynasty servers are down right now so I won't create until tomorrow. That gives everyone who's on the fence ONE LAST CHANCE to jump in.


Just think.... if you manage to win a prize you can use it to buy your copy of Madden and have both games...


...Plus GameStop is offering $40 trade-in credit on Madden 09 for NCAA Football 09... thnk about it....

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Ok, season has started. I will immediately lose my No. 1 ranking as I lost to Clemson 17-3. (Not quite as bad as it looks, they ran back a garbage interception on the last play of the game.)


I did get two commits in week one of recruiting. I was their No. 1 school, they were both out of Georgia, and I never even had to pitch them. They committed as soon as I offered.

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I lost my no.66 ranking, losing 10-7. My RB fumbled on their 2 yard line with 2 minutes left. Replay shows the linemen ripping the ball out of his hands. Hold them to a 3 and out, manage to drive to the 24 and miss a 41 yard FG as time expires. I can't even get a 5 star prospect to answer the phone.

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