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GOG.com - DRM Free Gaming/GOG Galaxy Announced

Romier S

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Good Old Games is a new online service being developed by the guys behind The Witicher (CD Projekt). If you're familiar with the likes of Steam you're going to be to familiar with what they're going for outside of the fact that the games you buy at gog.com are completely DRM free and classic titles have been been made to function properly on Windows XP and Vista. The service launches in September (Fallout 1 and 2 and Tactics are going to be available) with a beta in August.


Color me interested...



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Nice interview with the guys from CD Projekt about GOG.com about where they want take the servie. Apparently these guys have source code access to each title and have gone through and created custom installers to make certain the game work on XP and Vista along with removing any copy protection the games initially had (Very cool!). You can read more here:




Here's a great opportunity for gamers to "put up or shutup" so to speak on the issue of DRM. CD Projekt is going completely on the honor system with GOG.com hoping that the low price points and features sell the game. I'm with Iain in saying I'll rebuy games I already own just for proper XP/Vista compatibility and as an extra bonus - support the growth of the site so more publishers hop on.

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Update from the site:


Hi! Thanks for signing up to the GOG.com beta!

We just want to give you a quick update about GOG.com and the upcoming closed beta which will give you early access to the GOG.com experience.


The announcement of GOG.com surprised everybody - gaming media, gamers and the competition. But it was your reaction to our initiative that exceeded our wildest expectations. We would like to thank you very much for showing such incredible interest in GOG.com. We were originally planning to launch the closed beta on August 1 for a small set of people, but our plans have changed and we're delaying the beta a bit. We've decided to reward all of you for your great interest in GOG.com and we'll give early access to everyone who signed up!


At this stage we are adding the finishing touches to the site and testing the new payment system to provide you with the best GOG.com experience. During the next few weeks, we will send out access keys, which will allow you to enter GOG.com and get you on your way to gaming like it's 1995 :).


Thanks for your support and see you soon on GOG.com!



GOG.com Team


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Looking forward to seeing what they have to offer, and how well things work on newer machines. I have a pretty decent collection of old PC games, but I've had a really hard time getting a lot of them to work on XP (let alone Vista). I've played around with the idea of setting things up in a Virtual PC image, but this would just be much easier.

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Early access started today. Did anyone get thier emails? I haven't gotten mine yet but here's a list of what's available:


Descent 3 + Expansion

shooter, fpp, sci-fi

797.5 MB


Earthworm Jim 3D

action, adventure, platformer

136.3 MB


Shattered Steel

action, fpp, sci-fi

474.9 MB



shooter, tpp, sci-fi

219.4 MB


F/A-18E Super Hornet

simulation, combat, modern

281.1 MB


Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

shooter, fpp, sci-fi

248.5 MB



racing, arcade, off-road

474.3 MB


Conquest of the New World

strategy, turn-based, historical

75.5 MB


Descent + Descent 2

shooter, fpp, sci-fi

546.8 MB


Die by the Sword + Expansion

action, adventure, fantasy

482.2 MB



shooter, tpp, sci-fi

443.8 MB



rpg, turn-based, sci-fi

505.4 MB


Fallout 2

rpg, turn-based, sci-fi

579.6 MB


Fallout Tactics

rpg, strategy, sci-fi

1.6 GB


Freespace + Expansion

simulation, combat, sci-fi

829 MB


Freespace 2

simulation, combat, sci-fi

1.6 GB


Giants: Citizen Kabuto

shooter, tpp, sci-fi

787.7 MB


Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus

rpg, strategy, historical

669 MB


Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business

strategy, turn-based, tactical

407.8 MB


Kingpin: Life of Crime

shooter, fpp, modern

337.1 MB


Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

rpg, action, fantasy

699.4 MB


M.A.X. + M.A.X. 2

strategy, turn-based, sci-fi

613.4 MB



shooter, tpp, sci-fi

74 MB



shooter, tpp, sci-fi

408.5 MB


Original War

strategy, real-time, sci-fi

978.3 MB



strategy, action, fantasy

562.6 MB


All games are $5.99 with only 1nsane costing $9.99.

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They're sending the emails out in clumps. From QT3:


FYI, the emails will be going out in batches (over 40k signups, so it'll take some time) and should hit everyone within a few days. Want to make sure the server stands up to the pressure.


They're also running an intro promotion to this beta program of "buy one game, get a coupon for a free Interplay game" which is nice.

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They're sending the emails out in clumps. From QT3:




They're also running an intro promotion to this beta program of "buy one game, get a coupon for a free Interplay game" which is nice.


That means Fallout, doesn't it (wikipedia says they were Interplay games)? I was going to say "too bad, I don't have much money to spare this week". But I'll snap up Fallout 1&2 for $6 as soon as I get the mail. Always meant to play them.


And I will burn a DVD as a physical backup :D

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