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Amazon.uk international shipping/tracking question


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Got a question for anyone who has experience ordering stuff from Amazon.uk and having it shipped to the US. Basically I just want to know how to track the package once it makes it to the US. All I have to go on is an order # in the original e-mail sent by Amazon.uk on Jun 30. When I go to track my orders at the amazon.uk site I see the following:


Items dispatched on 30 Jun 2008:

Delivery estimate: 7 Jul 2008

1 package via Royal Mail


How in the world do I track this? Is it not uncommon for delivery time to take this long? Its not a big deal (its not an urgent item by any means) but I'm just curious as I want to know when/if they have made any delivery attempts or if its just sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Any ideas?

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I've ordered dozens of times from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.fr, and have never seen any tracking number provided. There's never been any tracking number on the packages themselves, either. Until it's in your hands, you can't find out where it stands in between them and you. Most of my packages arrive around a week after shipping, and I've never had one lost.

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Ugh I'm an idiot. I just checked my account information for Amazon.uk and noticed the delivery address was missing a #. I had 3rd st instead of 23rd st. Meanwhile a correct address is on file but with a different credit card. Mystery solved. Now the question is where is my order? I have no way of knowing if it got delivered to an incorrect address or if its in process of being sent back to Amazon.uk as "undeliverable". Had this had a tracking # I would have caught this mistake early on. Moral of the story is don't order stuff online when your tired. :) I sent Amazon.uk an e-mail explaining what happened. I guess I'll just have to order it again.

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