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Infinity Engine fans (Baldur's Gate II, Planescape) - The widescreen mod

Romier S

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So I've had a real bad hankering to play some good old PC RPG's. I reinstalled Baldur's Gate II along with the Throne of Bhaal expansion. I also installed Planescape Torment. Now the really shitty part is that the Infinity Engine games DO NOT play well with Nvidia's 8x/9x series of cards. The new rendering engines on these cards have the propensity to add all kinds of graphical issues (flickering, blocky fog of war etc.). So after doing some troubleshooting, which I'll say again is the one element of PC games I DIDN'T MISS, I got everything looking and running the way it should! (YAY ME!)


I started playing the game at a comfy resolution of 1024x768. My Samsung widescreen monitor did a decent job of scaling but I started looking into the ability to play the game widescreen. Enter the G3 Widescreen mod! This wonderful little mod allows you to play just about any and ALL Infinity Engine games (Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale II, Planescape, BGII, the original Baldur's Gate etc.) in any widescreen resolution you'd like!


Now keep in mind this isn't going to be for everyone as running the game at 1680x1050 takes getting used to (the characters are a bit smallish at first and text can be difficult to read) but boy oh boy is it pretty. There's another mod out there to increase the size of the text if that bothers you but I HIGHLY recommend checking this out if you already haven't!




Installation is easy. In the case of any game that has a configuration utility, make sure to run the config, choose your settings and run the game all the way up to point where you can save your game BEFORE installing the mod. Once the mod is installed you're good. Don't run the config utility again or you'll screw things up. If you want to make changes you'll need to uninstall the mod, run the config and reinstall again (which is actually pretty quick).

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Some screenshots:










You'll notice this is a true widescreen mod. It doesn't just stretch the game out. It maintains the proper scale of the game. The menus and profile screens remain 4x3 though and are surrounded in a black box as seen above.

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I've tried for a few days to get this working at 1440x900, 1280x720, etc. Took some tweaking to get it working with Vista.


Oddly it works perfectly at 1920x1200 (same rez as my desktop normally). But at the other widescreen resolutions it is off-kilter and the colors are all mucked up.


I was trying to get a lower rez working because 1920x1200 was awfully small IMO and my CRT does the other resolutions fine.


Oddly it works fine windowed though. :S

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After having the "official" unsupported 1024x768 crash on me and act wonking tabbing in and out, I tinkered with this again.


Turns out switching to 16-bit color did the trick. Running 1440x900@85hz fine with 16-bit color. Weird that 32-bit worked perfectly with 1920x1200 rez but not at lower ones.


BTW: if you want to tweak your refresh rate, there's a setting for it in the baldur.ini called "display frequency" (IIRC).

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