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Castle Wolfenstein RETURNS!

Romier S

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These cans finally popped up online. The game is running on a modified version of the Doom 3 engine and not the new TECH5 engine. Still, I'm excited as hell to see a new Wolfenstein game coming and I hope to god the MP is as entertaining as the original!











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I just received this Private Message from Calvin:



Jason, I read your post in the Wolfenstein thread. Please, do me a favor and DO NOT purchase this game. You embarrassed me on numerous occasions in RtCW on Xbox, I fear that my self-esteem cannot take the punishing losses again. Seriously - after getting my ass tore up countless times by your team in tournament play I had to purchase quadruple-ply toilet paper. You and your fellow Simple Chatters were the absolute pinnacle of skill, I can't even begin to fathom how little enjoyment I'll get out of the multiplayer knowing that at any time I might run into you online again. Please. I'm begging you. DON'T. PURCHASE. THIS. GAME.

Sincerely, Calvin



Cal, while I appreciate the message, I'm sorry - I am looking forward to this release and plan on purchasing.

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