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Resistance Retribution (PSP)

Romier S

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Play any of the Syphon Filter games yet Jeff? You should give them a try. They take a little getting used to but they provide a fine control scheme for a third person shooter. The last Socom release was also quite good.


I've gotta disagree you with you in so far as the PSP not being able to offer a good shooter. Bend Studio are the right people for this...

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I played a Syphon Filter game that came as a free DL with my PSP, plays like a 3rd person, over the shoulder view. You look with the thumbnub and move with the 4 buttons, granted I didn't give it a ton of playtime because it's online only and it seems no one is playing it, but what I did play I didn't like much.

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This is the only thread I found for this game... Did anyone pick this up? I pulled the demo off PSN and liked it and it's cheap used in stores so picked this up yesterday with LocoRoco 2 and RockBand Unplugged. Of the 3 I have put in the least amount of time on Resistance but, what I played was pretty cool. First impressions are that it is very much like Syphon Filter... and thats not bad.

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