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Ubisoft's I Am Alive

Romier S

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What concept?

Surviving in a post disaster environment which is clearly what the game is pushing forward as its primary theme. The nods to "The Day After Tommorrow" with the breaking glass aren't exactly being hidden in the video. I'm not commenting on gameplay concept here as well there isn't a damn thing to comment on in that department as of yet as you so sarcastically note Camp. (bunch of smart asses I let on this forum:lol ;))


I'm interested to see where they go with it. Similiar games exploring that theme have been made in the past. The PS2 saw two such games in Disaster Report and its sequel, though thier quality was dubious at best.

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True, but most of the quality problems with Disaster Report were a combination of budget limitations and the basic lack of oomph in the PS2. Current-gen systems should be able to bring that kind of destruction to the screen without slowing to single-digit framerates.

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For fans of game producers and they hard work they do


IGN has just received confirmation from Ubisoft, the company publishing I Am Alive, that this is not Jade Raymond's next project. They wouldn't say what she actually is working on, but we now know that it's not I Am Alive.


Now onto our regularly schedule chat.;)

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