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Free 100 Microsoft Points


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Per the FAQ in the Slickdeals thread, the additional points will be sent at the end of the promotion.


Reposting of the relevant piece of that:


3. Upon registration, you’ll immediately receive an email with a Points coupon code for 100 Points that can be deposited at the Microsoft Points website http://points.microsoft.com.'>http://points.microsoft.com. (Please note that the MSN Autos promotional Points coupons must be redeemed at the Microsoft Points website and not through the Xbox Console or Zune client. However, once these coupons are converted into Points in your account, these Points can be used in the same manner as any Microsoft Points in your account).

4. Then, return to the MSN Autos Dream, Design, Drive Challenge daily. Create another car, login, and you’ll receive 50 points each time you submit a new car. Plus earn another 50 points for your first ranking in the Showroom during that session. That’s up to *100 points per day during the promotion! (please note that specific caps do apply).



Q. How will I receive the remaining Points I have accumulated during the promotion?

A. At the end of the promotion, you will receive an email with a coupon code(s) for the total amount of points accumulated during the promotion that you can deposit into your Microsoft Points account. To deposit these Points coupons, follow the steps 3 & 4 above. Go to the Microsoft Points website http://points.microsoft.com and select “Redeem a Microsoft Points prepaid or promotional code” link. You will be asked to sign in with your Windows Live ID.


So be sure to rate a car too each day!


I love Dodge all of the sudden :D

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Deal dead:


NOTICE: Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Points*. Unfortunately, the Microsoft Points cap has been reached for this promotion. You will not have the ability to earn points, as a part of the Dream, Design, Drive Challenge. However, you are still eligible to submit your car designs and rate cars in the showroom for your chance to win one of two 2009 Dodge Challenger R/Ts and the cool weekly sweepstakes prizes. If you have questions, please see the Official Rules.
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