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Major VOIP Problems


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Up until recently, I have had few problems with my ViaTalk VOIP - but for about the last month I have had repeated problems with calls dropping in the middle, people not hearing me at all when I answer, and other nonsense.


At first I thought the adapter might be fried, because during a 1-second power blip a few weeks back, both my routers somehow reset back to default settings. I thought the same blip might have killed my adapter. But ViaTalk sent me a new adapter, and I am having the same problems. VTBrendon - the CEO of the company - over at DSLreports has been trying to troubleshoot, but nothing seems to help with the configuration changes he has made...


One other thought I have had is that the 'power blip' actually damaged my router, and it is the cause of my problems... But everything else works with the router... The only way I could really test this is to get a new router, but that seems wasteful if that is not the problem...


Any suggestions?


BTW, the adapter is a PAP2T...

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Find out what port is used by VOIP traffic and assign it high-priority?


Just stabbing here - it may be worth it as a first attempt.


Thanks for the thought - I already have it set to 'Premium' priority through Qos on my DD-WRT running Buffalo router...

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Thanks for the thought - I already have it set to 'Premium' priority through Qos on my DD-WRT running Buffalo router...


Being that you're running DD-WRT in a proficient manner, you've probably already ruled out a rogue network device on your network / family members downloading bittorrent / etc? Is the network 100% empty of huge traffic when you are having problems?


I had to de-prioritize BT traffic (use it once in a while), the Tivo HD, etc as well as prioritize VOIP traffic.


Are you using a headset or a phone?


If phone...have you ruled out the phone?


I had a lot of problems with my VOIP (magicjack). I think maybe the kids tossed the phones down the stairs a few times or something because I was having breakups, static, etc on the virtually-new Uniden 2-handset 5.8ghz phone setup.


I went and picked up a cheap $17 Vtech phone at Walmart, problems solved.

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Couldn't you test using your cellphone on the weekend when you probably have unlimited/lots of minutes?


I have a VOIP testing app from Tigerjet...their hardware powers my magicjack. It will record from the VOIP device and play it back to you. Maybe you could find an app like that to test locally and rule out remote server problems.

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