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XB360 joystick opinions?


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Hey all


I think I need a joystick for Soul Calibur IV when it comes out. The D-pad sucks so hard on the 360. It sucks so hard, I've been playing SF2HD on the analog stick instead :(


Amazon has the SC4 joystick on sale for the 360 for $51.99. Apparently a rebadge of the other Hori arcade sticks (DOA4, Fighting stick EX2). I've read mixed things about them.


I'm also not a big fan of the design, as I'm not really that keen on having ginormous pixelated boobies on my joystick. Maybe in my teen years that would have been awesome. ;)


Any input on the Hori sticks? I'm no elite player but a decent joystick is a must. I was perfectly satisfied with my official Sega Saturn joystick, and my SF2 Anniversary stick (which might be going to ebay since it doesn't work on the 360).


Also, any 3rd party 360 controllers with a better dpad?

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Oooh, I wonder if we're getting an SC4 stick in the UK. I was planning on picking up the VF5 stick at the end of the month, but I'd rather have an SC4 one. It does come with a load of stickers, though, so presumably isn't too logoed up to start with.

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So the Hori VF5 sticks are still available here then, Iain? I still need to pick up a second one. The stick is blank save for a green boarder at the bottom and the 'Fighting Stick EX2' tag. All of the Virtua Fighter themed logos and so on are purely optional via way of the stickers.


I'd second Joey's recommendation. It's an excellent stick and there are various games (including some Live titles) you'll never want to play with a pad again once you use it.

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Thanks for the input guys, sometimes there's just info-glut on stuff (especially with how serious the guys at the shoryuken forums are.


I went ahead and ordered the SC4 stick. I'll try to ignore the ridiculously sized boobies all over it. It'll probably help the resale value someday.

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