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Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2

Mark E

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Just a thread in case anybody else is enjoying this.


I just polished off 2nd opinion for the Wii in anticipation of giving the DS sequel a go and it's quite good. I'm enjoying it more than the first Trauma Center ever that was on the DS as well. The missions are gruelling without having that stupid impossible feel (thus far) that you got from some of the more unfair operations at the end of the first game.


The storyline is quite improved; it follows on from the first title but adds that much more drama. Many callbacks to characters and scenarios from the first game while adding new characters. Only drawback so far is that the villain seems a little TOO obvious, though they have yet to be officially revealed so who can say?


Only downside to going from the Wii to the DS is that you select the healing touch and draw it as opposed to holding down buttons and drawing it (as on the Wii). So the first time I tried it on my own I was using the scalpel and carved the poor bastard up like a turkey. :D

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Great game, loved it enough to want to pick up New Blood in the near future since it's the only one in the series I haven't tried yet.


I seem to get four surgeries in each game that I just cannot get, so it's off to easy mode for them after a few tries. The Easy Mode is a great feature for the frustrated, it makes all the difference and if you get caught up in the story like I did you want the option to push forward after spending an hour trying to get something right.


The series is very, very more of the same with a few new wrinkles, but if the same is fun, then who cares? I'll gladly pick up TC3 if/when it comes out :tu

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