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Oneechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers and Vortex (Wii and now Xbox 36)


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So anyone looking for more Oneechanbara fun, the 360 version will be hitting US shores as well:


Roughly a month after D3Publisher announced that it would be bringing the bikini-clad heroine Onechanbara and her zombie-slaying antics to the Wii next year, the studio has revealed its plans to publish the Xbox 360 release in North America as well.


Much like the forthcoming Wii version, the Tamsoft-developed Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad has lead Saki and her schoolgirl sister Saki batting against legions of the undead in both singleplayer and cooperative multiplayer modes.


The title also sports an "exclusive dress-up mode," allowing player to "maximize and personalize the Onechanbara experience" as they venture through Free Play, Survival, and Quest Mode.


D3Publisher has yet to specify a release date for the game, though the Wii edition is slated to arrive early next year. The company has stated that it will be working with Tamsoft to "upgrade" the Wii edition with new content and a budget price, suggesting the Xbox 360 release may undergo similar treatment.


The forthcoming Wii and Xbox 360 games mark the first North American releases for the action series, which debuted as a budget title on PlayStation 2 in Japan and has since spawned a live-action film.




The 360 game has been out for quite some time in Japan. You can get a sample of the gameplay here:




Oh and this actually inspired a live action film with a trailer too priceless not to watch.




They budget price it at $20 bucks and I'll buy it out of sheer morbid curiosity.:lol

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IGN gives it a 3.0 :lol


I would describe Onechanbara as a traditional hack-and-slash game, but in general I view the word 'traditional' as having somewhat positive connotations. There is very little here that could be construed as positive. Run down the list of what makes up a shoddy game and you'll essentially describe Onechanbara. Muddy controls, an annoying camera, ugly graphics, repetitive level design, little variation from one stage to the next, and an awful story are just the beginnings of the problems found here. Compared to today's sophisticated games, Onechanbara feels -- and looks -- like a dinosaur.


Other reviews:

IGN.com 3.0 /10

Cheat Code Central 1.7 /5

TeamXbox 2.7 /10

GameSpot 2.5 /10

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I've only heard one positive impression of it and that's from our own Ozzel :) I really hoped it'd be this year's EDF.


Yeah, me too. The videos looked good with the blood splattering against the screen and all. I was hoping for some cheesy dialogue but fun, like EDF. EDF received good reviews too.

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Yea it's nothing revoloutionary, and it's clearly a bit dated (the 360 version) but it's got some mindless fun. I wouln't score it as a 10 but it's got some nice touches and it's an entertaining way to kill some time/zombies.


Cheese factor is Ridiculously high (which is the only thing that makes it imo), and the obvious flaws are obvious (invisible walls, meh audio, dated graphics) "arena" combat, meh AI. Storyline, godawful. CGI meh OK. Variety in gameplay modes (but not in gameplay)


No idea how the Wii version is, but I somehow expect it's a little better (not much it's still a budget title based on the video above - with wii controls).


This game could've been released on a PS1/PS2 and nobody would know much of a difference except some of the models would look alot worse and it'd be chuggier. The real star of the game is the blade work, but it does have some suprisingly nice touches (like the load screen minigame)/lots of modes/extra character with different attacks/character customization. Though I am a bit confused on how some modes are supposed to be any different than the normal mode (Free Play mode seems like the same thing as normal?)


I'd give it a 3.0 overall on everything but combat and game features. However the combat gameplay is really pretty fun so I'd say the combat gets a 7.5-8 and features about 7. Not worth 40 bucks, but a rental, or ~20-25 and it might be worth it.


It's not a contender for GOTY, and nobody should be expecting that going into it - but it's mildly amusing and suprisingly satisfying despite its shortcomings. Think DMC-lite meets Resident Evil, without all the production values from a budget company but with some of the features of a top end title. It does suffer from the same problems any DMC style game has.


It's a mindless B-movie style cheesefest, which will make it modestly entertaining for folks.


Early levels aren't especially hard but higher levels seem to be more difficult since the zombies take a bit more effort to kill and some can shoot at you.


The difference between this and other zombie type games is significant. It's Not a horror game, despite being full of zombies. It's not even remotely meant as one. So it's much faster paced and more forgiving than something like RE or Dead Rising which really work on building up the horror aspects. It's much more arcadey/action platformer-y without the platforming. The creepiest thing about this game isn't the zombies, but the second character.


There is a police officer character you can unlock later in the game that has dual pistols with infinite ammo (plays like a significantly less acrobatic Lara Croft), hit a button and it reloads 30 rounds. And yes, you can run and shoot.


Early levels are more or less running around flat boxy areas slaughtering normal zombies till you run into the endboss and kill it. If the company developing this actually had a budget to work with, this could actually be a decently fun franchise. Odds are the title will be die on the vine in the US though, the way people recieved it in general


The load screen minigame is an amusing way to pass time while areas load. You smack zombies rushing at you from the left side of the screen in a flash style chibi mini game. Experience orbs drop and apparently do count towards your end level totals. It's very simplistic and not perfect as sometimes areas load before the minigame barely begins to start but it's a nice feature for those horrible load screens we sometimes find in games.


The Wii version may be more/less fun depending on how responsive the sword elements are. It felt very fluid on the 360 but I have no idea how well the Wii version will handle.


If you're looking for a terror filled tense polished high production experience, this isnt for you But if you can accept it's a bargain title trying to be a B movie experience, then you might enjoy it

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