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Games for Windows Live is FREE


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Microsoft also said that it would be launching a Games for Windows - Live marketplace this fall, which will offer free and paid (decided by publisher) downloadable content including but not limited to demos and trailers.

The company added that it would be revamping the Games for Windows - Live in-game interface to make it more user-friendly, at the same time "reducing the technical requirements for developers."


Sounds like Microsoft is following through with some of their promises. First XNA games coming to the 360. Now they're improving on Games for Windows initiative. Up next, Velocity girl!

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This is good but, I already use Steam for most of my games and the one's that don't work through Steam, I use Skype or teamspeak etc for voice chat and all. This is a good step IMO - just a little slow to the game. Still, more competition is good for all of us :)

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It is a double-edged sword really. Competition breeds higher quality experiences, but competition also segments the userbase which affects the quality of the experience as well.


I would love it if "Games for Windows" live succeeded while advancing the integration between the 360 and the PC. But if GFW can't succeed due to the community favoring Steam, that may deter some experiences that I would have liked to have.


It is like the PS3 versus Xbox stuff. The competition is great. But when games like Madden, GTA, and Burnout are purchased by people on my friends list on different platforms, it actually degrades my experience with those game(s). In that way I do not look forward to parity between PSN and Xbox Live.

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