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Heads-up: Xbox on Discovery Channel

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Go behind the scenes as three teams race to create the next great American video game... and Microsoft battles to take over a $20 billion industry that's bigger than movies and records. Will Xbox be the next Windows? Stay tuned...


X Factor: Inside Microsoft's Xbox will air this Friday, June 20, at 8 and 11 pm. Obviously, I can't comment on the quality of the program, but it could be interesting.



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Okay, I just watched the program. Not bad, I was afraid it would be a 60 minute ad, but there was some good stuff there. Not too deep, but I didn't expect much within the time constraints.



Some stuff from the program:


1. Halo: Ability to control weapons on a space station (orbital weapons platform?).


2. Halo: Fighting on old, destroyed Halos (!)


3. Psychonauts: Visually very cool.


4. Crimson Skies: Troubled development. Apparently much-improved after the new dev team took over. Who knows.


5. Oddworld: They're trying to do a Western-style adventure game. Without Abe or Munch. Visuals are what we can expect from Oddworld Inhabitants -- very expressive animation, quirky, funny.



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Pretty interesting stuff. Fries seems on the ball, Lanning is just as I imagined him to be...and Fries is right on the money about Lanning being full of ideas & short on executing them. The playtesters were harsh on Crimson Skies...and so was Microsoft, re-assigning the whole team!


The clips of Halo 2, Psychonauts, PGR2, & Fable were all lovely. I would liked to have seen more on those, but their development is probably going too smoothly for this program, which concentrated more on the difficulties of game development.


I'd like to see more of this stuff on TV in the future. 8)

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