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Strange ipod battery problem


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So yesterday it looks like my 5g ipod decided to stop working on battery power. I was using it just fine on battery at work, but when I left and plugged it into the car, it powered off. I thought the battery was still pretty full, but I plugged it into the power adapter and it worked fine again. After being plugged in the entire drive home though, it still powered off as soon as I disconnected from external power.


Last night, I left it plugged in overnight, and this morning the screen showed that it was fully charged. Took it off power though, and it turned off about 30 seconds later. What's strange is that I only got this ipod last April, and that there was no gradual degredation of the battery charge capacity (that I noticed) over the past few weeks. It was just a very abrupt failure of the battery system.


Anyone seen something similar? I'd almost think that there was a busted connection between the battery and the rest of the hardware, except that the ipod keeps working for a few seconds after being disconnected from the power.

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I had a very similar problem, although I can't recall if it was working while plugged in. Mine (a 4g) just stopped working and kept giving me the sick iPod screen. It wouldn't charge, but I knew it wasn't completely dead since I did get something out of it.


I took it for servicing, expecting to have to replace the battery, but apparently it was just a loose battery cable which the tech just reconnected. It's been working fine since.

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Went to the apple store today, and managed to get a replacement ipod in about five minutes. Talked to one of their techs, who listened to the description, said "Yeah, sounds like the battery", and then proceeded to get me a free replacement even though it was 3 months out of warranty. I'm still pissed that the device broke in the first place, but the customer service was pretty impressive. Now here's hoping that the new one lasts a little longer-I finally got my library to the point where I can fit most of it on the 80Gb drive :)

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