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Anyone else played Blitz?


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I noticed Blitz: The League II is coming out in October, and I was wondering if anyone else enjoyed the arcade sports genre. I was a HUGE fan of NHL Hitz 20-03 and played with my friends all the time, and I also played Blitz and NBA Jam. In my mind, they all require strategy to win, even if they're not sims; plus they usually play faster and more badass, which I like. What's your take?

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Looks like this version has a lot of upgrades to the previous version. The precision tackles look pretty entertaining to me. Kind of House-style zoom-ins when you injure people.



The Precision-Aim tackles are activated by landing Dirty and Unleashed tackles on your opponents. When a big hit leads to an injury, time momentarily slows and targeting circles appear on the ball carrier. The number and placement of the circles is based on the height and angle of the tackle. A simple flick of the Right Stick picks a targeting circle. The player can then ?pump up? the intensity of the hit by rapidly pressing the A/X button, increasing the chance of getting a major injury. All of this happens in less then two seconds so the flow of the action remains constant, just like it did for our Unleashed hits in Blitz 1. Once the injury location and intensity has been determined, players are treated to the most brutal injury animations ever seen in a sports game. These aren?t the X-ray plates of Blitz 1. These are full color movies that would be right at home on any prime time crime scene investigation show.
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