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Sons of Anarchy (FX)


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I watch a lot of FX and have been seeing previews for this fairly often. As with all FX shows, I'm going to give it a looksee so I did some research, and evidently Ron Perlman is one of the stars. I can definitely see him as a badass biker with a huge handlebar mustache and a mullet, though I haven't seen him in the previews yet. The main character is played by Charlie Hunnam. He looked familiar, and according to IMDb, he was Lloyd in Undeclared!


Anyway, research aside, it looks like the show will have a lot of brawling and explosions. Maybe this will replace The Shield as one of FX's top dramas when The Shield ends.



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I hardly ever follow a tv show. Rarely! Think I've seen a few episodes of Friends, a few of Seinfeld, never saw The Shield, CSI, ect. Missed out on all the big ones of the past decade or 2.


I LOVE this show!!!! :tu Got all the episodes off of Itunes, as well. Watched the whole series for a 2nd time and was really happy to read that they've been signed up for another season.


Just realized that the guy in prison, that beat the piss outta the bitch ATF chick, is the creator and writer of the show. :lol


From what I've read, people that have been in outlaw motorcycle clubs have commented on the show being reasonably accurate to the lifestyle. Of course, every post you read from the internet is true! ;)

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the season ender just delivered a knock-out punch. Can't wait for next September


I agree. I'll be picking up the 2nd season on the inevitable bluray, to match season 1.


Can't imagine how Clay is gonna feel about Gemma bailing with Unser! Stahl has GOT to have something coming to her. That will be quite satisfying. Should be worse than the beatdown she got in the jail.

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