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Demigod (from Gas Powered Games and Stardock)


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I've really enjoyed everything Gas Powered Games has made, but I'm especially excited for this game thanks to Stardock's involvement. I also just love the style on display at the official site. It's a tactical fantasy RTS with some RPG elements, played in (beautiful-looking) arenas. GameSpot just put up the first trailer and now I'm even more excited. There are glimpses of some fantastic animation in there!


It's scheduled for early next year, with some beta testing starting as early as next month for those who pre-order (I pre-ordered ages ago, being a big fan of both GPG and Stardock).

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Well the first beta is kinda fun :) For such an early beta it works really well, I guess since it's built off the Supreme Commander engine. Looks great, runs nice, sounds alright. The first beta is just for them to get it out there and see if it actually installs and runs alright on a wide range of PCs, but even in it's stripped-down, incredibly early state, I'm having a little fun. Considering how much beta testing they're going to be doing until it's release next February, I'm pretty sure the final game will be awesome :)

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Game is out, but I haven't really dug in, yet. The single-player is a little more stripped down than originally planned (you can just do tournaments with AIs, basically), and the competitive multiplayer never totally grabbed me in the beta, so I'm not terribly excited. I think that first trailer makes it look much more awesome than it is. It might be a lot of fun stomping AIs with friends if I can ever talk any into it...


I thought warez stats were interesting, though:


The infrastructure was designed to handle up to 50,000 of these connections.


But on day 0, there were around 140,000 concurrent users of which 18,000 are validated.


Pirated users can't get updates or play multiplayer but they still touch the servers.


Apparently multiplayer was all kinds of broken the first day. Ouch.

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Yeah, the first day was pretty bad. I was trying to connect to skirmishes but just couldn't. Pantheon games seemed to connect well on the first day though. They've put out 2 small patches to try to address the networking issues this week, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.


The game is a lot of fun. I've been playing exclusively as Sedna so far, a support/healer.

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So what is this game like?

Take Diablo's character progression and skill trees and wrap it around an RTS. It's a very simplified RTS where you're only controlling the "hero" character (1 of 5-6 selectable) but the upgrades you do effect the entirety of your army if you select the right skills. There's also potions, teleportation scrolls along with upgradeable bases and other aspects that deepen the strategy.


Essentially, it's an almagamation of the RPG and RTS genre. It works suprisingly well and it's really fun to the play. The only problem? If you don't plan to play online in competetive matches - it's just not worth the money to me. Sure, the offline skirmish matches can be fun and you can setup your own tournaments etc. but without any real single player campaign to speak of - it's hard to recommend to all but the dedicated online play crowd.


I'd recommend Dawn of War II in a heartbeat over this in so far as offering a more complete and well rounded package (not to mention it's just plain more fun to play IMHO).


I have it if anyone wants to get a match going though I have to say I do regret buying it without having read a bit more about what was offered on the single player side of things (my own fault).

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Yay for the demo (with online multiplayer). Buddy and I weren't playing anything else, so he finally grabbed the demo and we dug into it together to see what's what. Pretty cool game after all :) It's mostly the variety of strategic options that got us interested. 8 demigods split into 2 types, with multiple effective ways to play each (between the talent trees and the gear you can mix things up nicely with each demigod), and where and when you use your money can be huge (you get your own money, but you can spend it on yourself or upgrade your minions or structures, so coordinating who buys what, when, is important). I like the difference the match settings make, too. Normal minion strength strikes a nice balance, but sometimes making them weak and just slugging it out demigods vs. demigods is fun. Or with tough minions you can end up with some crazy, massive minion battles, and demigods have to be super careful.


It also helps that there are some brutally hard (cheating) AIs, if you just want to tackle a challenge with friends.


Would be a great LAN-party game.

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