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Space Siege Demo now available


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Sooo... *yawn*. I'm not sure why this game exists. There are lots of little things I love about Dungeon Siege and they took them all out for this game. All that remains is the basic Dungeon Siege gameplay, which isn't so hot on its own and seems especially boring with guns. It's been streamlined and simplified to death. With WASD movement control I might think it was an ok little action adventure game, but I still wouldn't be too interested.


Maybe it's just not a great demo, though. I want to see what people say about the full game. No inventory and no loot (everything just boils down to a currency you can use to upgrade your weapons and armor), no character development choices (besides how cybernetic you go)... I don't know if they're going for something different or if "super-simplified Dungeon Siege in space" is all there is to it. Generic-as-heck sci-fi style, too.

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I thought this e-mail was funny since I've never bought anything from Direct2Drive, but I guess Space Siege may need all the help it can get (reviews make it sound as bad as I expected from the demo)...


Dear D2D Customer,


From time to time we like to let our loyal customers

know about titles we think you might be interested in,

based on purchases you've made in the past on D2D.


As someone who bought Action or RPG titles on

Direct2Drive in the past, we wanted to let you know

that we've just launched Space Siege to our list of

downloadable games.


Thanks for being a customer of Direct2Drive...




The D2D Team


First Chris Taylor/GPG game I'm not buying. Oh well. I still think Demigod looks awesome.

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