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Blitz: The League II


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I'm considering this as an alternative to Madden. I like normal sims, but I've had a lot of fun times over the years playing Blitz and NHL Hitz. The multiplayer fun is high, the action is quicker and more badass, and I like the story/campaign mode for Blitz. I kind of like the idea of Midway inventing teams and players; one might even call them characters. Peter Egan, who wrote Playmakers for ESPN, wrote the story mode for this upcoming game, which is why I say characters. Anyways, looking forward to more information about this.

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I'm considering this as an alternative to Madden.


Alternative? I can see it as a possible companion but not an alternative.

Judging by the lack of promotion they're giving this one It's probably going to suck. Bet you can find a good used copy within the first week of release though.

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