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AnyOne In The Market For A SuperMan Suit?


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$60k-$80k. Is it complete blasphemy that I'd rather have this T-Rex head for almost half the price? Because I absolutely would. Plus Toht's skull from when it melts at the end of Raiders for $20k with the change.


Actually, some of the Jurassic Park maquettes are dangerously close to sensible. $150k+ for an actual TIE Fighter is not, though.


edit - Jesus wept. If I weren't so broke, little more than the price of a PS3 would get you a Spinner.


Also, I think some of those guide prices have to be out. Considering how expensive any old random Nightmare Before Christmas merch can be, an actual Jack Skellington production sketch has to be worth more than that.

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I wonder how many people know they always build multiple versions of principal props and costumes...etc? The Grail from Last Crusade is on there for $20k and I know it's one of the backup models as the main one sits in a nice glass cupboard at Skywalker Ranch with the grail diary and other Lucas related trinkets. In the case of the Shining axe ($5000-7000) they do at least highlight that it is one of the stunt models.


The Rex head is beautiful.

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Even if I was interested in buying the suit, I think just seeing the picture of that guy wearing the damn thing would kill the deal for me. Why not just take a picture of the suit, or better yet, frame the thing. You're asking $60k.


There are auctions for one of Affleck's Daredevil suits and Matt Damon's wetsuit form the first Bourne film and in both cases you've got some wealthy nerd wearing them too. These are collectibles they’re treating like cosplay!


There is a Brandon Lee Crow costume with accompanying (frankly rather creepy) Brandon Lee mannequin on there.


*edit* That does it I'm selling the house. They've got a Teddy for auction:


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Want to go halves on the Rex then? You can have him on weekends.


All the Stan Winston studio stuff on there is wonderful, made even better by the fact a portion of the winning bid goes to UNICEF. They have a few of the Small Soldiers animatronics up for a respectable price too (they even include all their wires and servo motors).


This is actually a very good price for two robots from AI:


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