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What is wrong with me.


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What is wrong with me?


A desire to watch Norbit is a disease that affects different areas of the body in varying degrees as it progresses. Initially, the disease affects the brain, causing an expanding desire to view some of the worst movies ever made. Later, it can produce other abnormalities in behavior.


In the early phase of the illness, within hours to days of the initial viewing, the patient experiences bouts of well-deserved shame. This classic initial shame is called "cinema craposa". Patients often can't recall specifically watching Norbit. Also, they may not have the classic heavy brow and other classic symptoms of idiocy to signal the doctor.


The shame resolves, without treatment, in about a week. Weeks to months after the viewing, Norbit and its effects spread throughout the body. Subsequently, a growing lack of taste in movies and a desire to re-watch Norbit can occur. The later phases of Norbit can affect the patients family and professional life, as modern American society understandably ostracizes people who watch Norbit.


Of note, at the national meeting of the American College of Cinema and Pathology in 2007, it was reported that anxiety and depression occur with an increased rate in people who watch Norbit, voluntarily or otherwise. This is another important aspect of the evaluation and management of these patients, and one that you should bring to your doctor's attention, as it appears to be affecting you similarly.


Remember, Kelley, the first step to successful treatment is seeking treatment!

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