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What does Frasier drink???


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I've been watching through the Frasier seasons ( again ) lol, and got to wondering...

He and Niles are always drinking Sherry. It is their favorite casual beverage. And they make such a big point about it on the show, yet never mention a brand or type of Sherry.


I have absolutely no knowledge of the different Sherrys out there, although I have had it before. So I know the basics of what it tastes like.


But does anyone have any idea what type of Sherry would be most likely something that Frasier, ( who obviously would seek out, and be able to afford, the best kind ) would have?

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I found something that specified only that at one time, Frasier and Niles were very excited when they came across a case of Oloroso, which is type of Sherry, not a brand.

So I supposed that's what they drank most often?

Brand I suppose is a matter of taste and affordability.

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