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F/S HD DVD Collection and a Blu-Ray

Romier S

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I'm looking to get rid of a good majority of my HD DVD collection (minus a few key titles I won't be letting go of). I'm finding myself rebuying more releases on BD and frankly I could use the cash for better things at moment. Two options here you can buy the whole group or these can be bought in sets of 2/3 or more dependingon the titles. Sorry guys but shipping will kill me selling these individually. Rescue Dawn is for sale individually.


Here is the list:


Shaun of the Dead - $10

Serenity - $10

Slither - $12

Constantine - $10

The Italian Job - $8

Pitch Black - $11

Chronicles of Riddick - $10

Pan's Labyrinth - $12

Heroes S1 - $25

Planet Earth (Sigourney Weaver version) - $20

The Complete Matrix Collection - $30

Lost in Translation - $11

Hulk - $10

King Kong - $10

Blades of Glory - $11

Transformers - $13

Breach -$10

The Thing - $10

Dead Silence - $10

Casablanca -$10

300 - $12

Shrek the Third - $12

The Kingdom - $11


Take the whole bunch for: $250




Rescue Dawn -$15 (will take a trade too so make an offer)

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Hi Romier. I'd consider getting some/all of the following, but it depends on what the shipping costs would work out to the UK at - you're an expert at doing this for Daniel; do you have a rough guess?


The Complete Matrix Collection - $30

Lost in Translation - $11

Casablanca -$10


Also, is that Matrix collection the one that's basically just the films on single sided discs (as I hope) or the one that comes with all the crap I'd never watch on dual-sided discs that are less reliable?

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