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5 Years o' Posting?!


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Interesting story how I ended up at LCVG. I use to scour all the game store websites for deals until an old co-worker told me about a poster at HTF who use to post deals (Glen). Then one day (after about a month I was on HTF) he disappeared. That's when the co-worker mentioned he went to LCVG (due to a defection). So the Daisy was how I ended up hear. Turned out great as I met lot's of gaming buddies here.

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4/30/03 for me (back when everybody was a mod ;) ) I received an invite early in the month, but didnt bother signing up until the 30th. Who knew?


Nice avatar, Joel ;) Which reminds me, I took these screen caps back when we were about to switch the forum software. While they are from 2005 and not 2003, I think this was the forum originally looked like.


So step up, and enter the Starhawk Wayback Machine?









? StarMonkey Studios

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09-17-2003 for me...I somehow missed it on HTF (though I vaguely remember the Silent Hill 3 thread), and found out about this place when someone mentioned it on AVS. :lol Now I can't remember the last time I really read or posted on AVS or HTF. I think the small size keeps this place focused and readable.

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08/10/2003...Five years yesterday. Sad that I've only posted 340 (341 now) times. Oh well. I post when I can!

Haven't been to hometheaterforum in years. Don't miss it a bit. I lurk a lot here and post when I have something intelligent (or at least something I think is intelligent) to add. I'll be forever thankful for this place, because Christmas two years ago fightingfish helped me out by scoring a Wii and selling it to me and shipping it so my son could have it for Christmas morning. Woo-hoo!

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04-10-2003 here.


I'm tremendously fond of this place and I genuinely cannot think of another forum I've posted on, or even just read, where people lack the tendency to come off as rather nasty in hastily seeking to dismiss the tastes and opinions of others. That’s really quite an achievement this day in age for a forum such as this.


I think of LCVG as a great little online hideaway for hobbyists to come and unwind so I must congratulate and thank our maniacal owners for a pleasant five years of frivolous banter.

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11-3-2003 for me! I tend to lurk more and just post when I have something interesting to contribute, but this is the forum I spend (by far) the most time on. I love all of the side topics that get interspersed with the videogame/technology topics. Directly because of posts/advice on this forum, I have bought a foam mattress, started wetshaving, and started watching BSG. Thanks guys, and let's go for another 5!

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I'm the outcast here. :P Join date 01-13-2004.


I used to post LOTS on HTF and was posting when they first opened up the Video games forum. However, I got busy with other things and frequented HTF less. The VG forums there was quite popular and full of people posting. Then I finally had more time and decided to go back to HTF and what I found was a pathetic VG forum with 2 posts per week!!! I was wondering what the heck happened and where everyone was. Then I did some reading and saw a link to LCVG and that's how I got here. :)

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