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2008 Onkyo reciever lineup


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TX-SR706 - $899 MSRP

4 HDMi in, 1 out - up from 3 in 1 out

AudysseyXt eq

26 lbs down from 28 in the 705

preouts like last year


TX-SR806 - $1099 MSRP

5 hdmi in 1 out - 805 had 3 in 1 out.

Audyssey2 Dynamic EQ with Dynamic volume

No Burr Brown dacs like the 805

Weight 37 lbs - down from 50 lbs.

Look at the power supply specs for a good reason why.


TX-SR876 - $1799 MSRP which is $100 more than the 875

Audyssey2 Dynamic EQ with Dynamic volume

4 hdmi in, 2 out

3 independent power supplies

50 lbs (same as last year)

Burr Brown Dacs

Reon HQV Processor


TX-SR906 - $2299 MSRP which is $200 more than the 905

Built in HD radio

Toroidal Transformer

Network streaming

Reon HQV processor

4 independent power supplies

4 HDMI in, 2 out

Audyssey2 Dynamic EQ with Dynamic Volume

54 lbs - same as last year.


So it appears the 805 was actually moved down quite a bit. To me it seems like they overbuilt the 805 and now are trying to move the 806 into it's place to where they thought it should have been.


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I would go with the 805 over the 806. What you get is not IMHO as significant as what you give up.


You can find new ones for around $600-$625. Refurbs are cheaper but not that much cheaper(like $25).


You might look at Circuit City or Frys to see if they have any closeouts left. They were blowing them out.

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