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Off to visit the geeks...the wonderful world of geeks! :)


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Well it's 2:00am in the morning. Here I am sitting at my laptop writing this to you virtual people. Some of you have became my friends...some even better friends then those that I have in real life. Anyways I should be sleeping but I'm too tired and excited to sleep. August has been a pretty shitty month for me. I was in the hospital following a minor accident. I lost a friend. RIP Bill. Anyways I have to have a really nasty test next Thursday to kiss off my mouth of august. It involves a big needle to the groin so that they can check and see if I might have minor internal bleeding from my accident. YEAH.


Anyways, tommorrow at the stroke of 8:00am, I board a van with three other friends for Toronto. Were going away for the weekend to drink, hang out with geeks and party as best at a bunch of two 30 year olds and two 20 somethings! :) At least I'm not the only single guy! :)


Anyways what's in Toronto?


Well this....




Ton of guests include the following....




Apollo 11 Astronaut

Historical Icon of the 20th Century




Captain Kathryn Janeway

Star Trek: Voyager




Admiral William Adama

Battlestar Galactica




The Fonz

Happy Days





A Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream, The Hills Have Eyes




Black Christmas, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Tenebre




And then later that night me and my mates are heading off to see this....







Should be a load of fun!!


Anybody else done the convention thingy???

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I went to a few Trek/Scifi conventions when they were in Manhatten back in the day . Went a few times as a fan to check out the panels, etc. One time to help Decipher Demo the Trek CCG where i was stuck in the dealer room all day. They are fun to go to just to hear some of the behind the scenes stories , enjoy it

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I didn't even realize that the Hobbystar show was still going on. There used to be a comic shop owner around here that I knew who was pretty heavily involved with it about 10 years back. Apparently they got screwed a couple of times with special guests not showing up.


I never actually bothered going to any of the comic conventions though. I always figured that for the 40 bucks or whatever they charge to get in, it's not worth it. I don't really give a damn about getting stuff signed or meeting creators in that type of setting, and spending money in order to spend money in a dealer room always seemed kind of silly. Perhaps if I was looking for some really specific backissues it'd be worth it, but I haven't been able to find anything that my current comic shop hasn't been able to get for me yet.


Have fun though-I haven't seen Evil Dead yet either, but I've heard good things about it. Apparently you should aim for tickets in the splatter zone.

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Okay, I'm back. Just got in the door. Tired....going to take a long nap. I post pictures in a few days. The con was awesome. I spent a little too much money and might have to live on peanut butter sandwiches for several months but it was worth it! You should see the Doctor Who swag I got!!!


Anyways The Evil Dead musical was awesome!! Best SHOW EVER!! Yes i survived the splatter zone!!! :D which reminds me....I need to take a picture of my former white shirt!! :)


Here's a clip from the Toronto show. When you reach the point where a guy gets pulled into the bastment, remember this, well it doesn't show it, a big giant spurt of blood comes flying out of the hole. (think of the well in Army of Darkness) and the blood hit me directly, all of it! :)


Near the end they turned on the fire sprinkles for the first two rows....except it wasn't water....it was blood. one big giant blood bath as ash tries to destroy all the demons!!


more later......must rest now!



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I've been to quite a few conventions and even staffed a few (I was Night Chief of Operations for Otakon in Baltimore, MD for 4 years).


When I was in Orlando I would frequent MegaCon and Vulkon yearly and I'm probably going to be hitting up Project A-kon next time around here in Texas... met lots of good friends at comic and pop culture cons.


If you look really hard on the internet, I used to do a bit of costuming too ;)

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In high school we kept planning to drive to Gen*Con but somehow it never happened - not enough money/time/whatever.


Only thing we've hit has been a couple of smaller comic / anime conventions in Grand Rapids. And the Renfair a couple of times (not dressed up though).


Our next planned geekery...the wife arranged babysitting for us to drive to Ann Arbor in October...to see Donnie Darko: DC in the theaters. Again :rock

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