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Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire VGA releases tomorrow! (8/24/08)

Mark E

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Just a heads up to you adventurers from a bygone era!


The official VGA remake from AGD Interactive for QFG2 is coming out tomorrow!


This has been in production for the last, erm, at least eight years or so off and on by these guys and it looks fantastic. Not to mention being insanely low-priced at absolutely free. Yes, Sierra knows about 'em, yes, it's totally free/legal!


The proviso to them releasing the game was that they make no profit, hence it's cheap status. QFG2 is probably my favorite QFG game thanks to its Arabian Nights setting.


Game will be available at http://www.agdinteractive.com/


Their King's Quest remakes are down at the moment to handle the server load, but they're bloody good too (the expanding of the KQ universe they do in II is nothing less than amazing).

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