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Time To Build A New PC

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16 minutes ago, ChrisBardon said:

Wait...so the pinout on the motherboard power cable was different?  I thought that was a standard layout?  The connection from the power supply to the power lead can be whatever you want, but the pins that go to the motherboard need to be the same for anything to be compatible, right? 

The pins that plug into the motherboard are consistent, yes, but the wires between that plug + the modular power supply are not necessarily compatible between different power supply units just because they fit into the new PSU. 


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Figured it out. And I feel like a dunce.   As it turns out, although you might think that the modular cables on a power supply would be interchangeable, they are not. Different manufacturers

Alrighty, did more reading after all of the great advice from @Magness and filled in the rest of the gaps after a couple of hours (such as, why I needed an X570 chipset motherboard for the new Gen3 Ry

Now THIS is next gen:    

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Right. The pinouts on the motherboard and hard drives are standard, but they are not standard on the power supply end. So if you try to use a cable from one modular power supply on a different modular power supply — especially from a different manufacturer — trouble.


I had trouble getting my head wrapped around it, too, but threads on Reddit and Tom’s Hardware alerted me to the issue, and damned if they weren’t right.


(For the record, the power supplies I was using were a Corsair from my original machine, a Gigabyte and finally an EVGA, which is in the case now.)

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Anyone have a recommendation for a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter? I’m using a Benfei adapter that supports DP1.2+HDMI2.0 (4K/60hz/HDR) but it starts getting hot and cutting out after about 2 hours of gaming. I was looking at a Club3D adapter to replace it (supports the same 4K/60hz/HDR) but, if you guys have any recommendations for another I’ll grab it. Thanks. 

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I am starting to buy parts for my new PC. NewEgg just got in the MSI x570 Tomahawk, so ordered it while still in stock.


So is every graphic card still sold out everywhere? Im not going to be using it for high end gaming, but I want something decent for streaming video.

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They are seemingly more difficult to find now than last year unfortunately :( FWIW I used the Nvidia EU Discord channel as that was the 1st and fastest place I saw listings go up. I still didn’t get one right away but, on my 3rd attempt it worked for me. 

Regarding my DP to HDMI adapter, I went with the Club3D model through Scan and it has worked brilliantly so far. No issues in PC gaming to my 4K HDR display at 60fps and the adapter is rated to handle up to 120fps. I’ve only used it for a month now but, no issues so I would recommend it to anyone that’s looking to use their PC with a 4K display. 

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23 minutes ago, Magness said:

As long as your not gaming and don’t need anything too heavy for media loads that should cover you till you can get a 30 series :)

my 8 year old laptop can handle what I’m doing now, I’ll be fine until I can grab another card


The rest I have or getting soon

MSI Tomahawk x570 mobo

AMD 5600x processor

32 GB DDR4 3600

WD Black 1 TB M.2 NVD SSD 

A couple of barracuda 7200 drives

EVGA Gold power supply

Have thermal paste and Lian Li Lancool II Tempered Glass eATX Full Tower Computer Case - White


Now on the cooler. Was thinking of getting NZXT Kraken X53 240mm RGB Water Cooling Kit. Is that good , or does anyone recommend something else, been a long time since I needed to buy a cooler.






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On 1/26/2021 at 2:32 AM, Magness said:

Any Microcenters by you? Or Frys? Those (along with BB) seem to be lucky for people according to the Discord.


Well guess what. Late last night Microcenters in the area got a restock of cards right when I was in the middle of something which I couldn't leave from. But good news is I went first thing this morning, was second in line , and picked up a 3060ti :milk. The line was 30 deep by the time we got it, and its damn cold today. They had five 3060TI left and twenty or so 3090's which you need  to take out a loan for. They said the store in Flushing has a lot of everything available if people were looking for a 3070 or 3080. 


So I just ordered the rest of the parts I need from New Egg (everything is on sale there) so I should have the new computer built next weekend. Now to redo the room, and get a new desk setup 

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